How to embed a QR code in an Excel package

Posted on 2/18/2022

QRCodes, and especially since the COVID Outbreak, are now part of everyday's life. Created in 1994 by Denso-Wave, they have been released to the public in 1999 so that everyone can use them. There is a lot of ways to generate them, some cheaper than…

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Comment utiliser une IA pour écrire un article de blog

Posted on 2/11/2022

Ecris un article sur "Comment utiliser une IA pour écrire un article de blog" mots-clé:paresseux,référencement,blog,moderne,bluffant, Introduction Si vous êtes paresseux et que vous voulez référencer votre blog, une IA est la solution idéale pour…

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Simple sales forecast with Excel and Python

Posted on 2/4/2022

Simple end of month sales forecast Introduction Let's imagine that you are sitting at your desk, sipping a coffee that you paid CHF 0.70, when your boss come into your office and ask you to produce a report giving the expected end of month sales per…

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Extracting GPS coordinates from postal addresses in Excel

Posted on 1/28/2022

Excel everywhere In my professional career, I had the opportunity to play with a large amount of reporting tools, nevertheless the preferred one for my colleagues was always Excel. On today’s world tools like Microsoft BI, Tableau or SAP Analytics…

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The website is online

Posted on 1/18/2022

Dear all, It is with a great pleasure that I announce the creation of my new personal website! I must admit I tought it would be simpler to create a personal website online. After all, a simple expressjs site, and voilà! The world would be aware of…

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Happy new year

Posted on 1/1/2022

I wish to all of you a very happy new year 2022 !

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