The website is online

Posted on 1/18/2022

Dear all,

It is with a great pleasure that I announce the creation of my new personal website!

I must admit I tought it would be simpler to create a personal website online. After all, a simple expressjs site, and voilà! The world would be aware of my existance !

Where to host ?

Actually, even if developping the site itself was not problematic, hosting it (on the cheap) started to create troubles. I looked at OVH prices for a website, and the problem was that it could not host nodejs sites (at least for a good price). Wordpress, drupal whatever, but no nodejs.

OK, no problem, I have the AWS free tier, so, it should not be a problem, right ?

So I looked first to EC2 instances. Price ok but maybe overkill for a simple site. After all, It seems that the easier and cheaper way to go is to create a static site and have it hosted on Amazon S3.


So I looked on different ways to create a static website. Hugo seemed popular, but I did not want to dable in a new language, so I looked on node based site, and I found HEXO, who looked simple enough. The advantage is that it includes a blog mechanism, and it is always good to update your website with new content, so google is happy and move you site in its rankings.

So all good, I was able to create a nice website in hexo, not so waw, but OK nevertheless.

Unfortunately, after having it hosted on Amazon S3, I had a little problem. The top links were made on the root folder, which is normally not a problem since your server would automatically look for "index.html" if it did not found it. On S3, no way (unless going through Cloudflare, but I wanted first to see if I could bring my site online).


So let's try something else. GatsbyJS is also a static site generator, but with an emphasis on React for performance. I did not dabbled in react before, so that was a good opportunity to play with it.

Gatsby has its own quirks, especially with image and its internal graphQL system, that I will detail later. So I played with it, and finaly came with this site.


I will post later a more detailed story of all the steps that were needed before attaining this result.

Stay tuned !